Community impact

Since 1973, Prescott Meals on Wheels has delivered uninterrupted, essential, and life-giving service to the community.

51+ Years of Making a Difference

Prescott Meals on Wheels has enjoyed 51 years of delivering hot, nutritious meals,  informal wellness checks, and community referrals.
What began as an independent charity named Golden Age Nutrition in 1973 with ten clients is now Prescott Meals on Wheels, serving over 360 clients daily. 

"I very much appreciate the drivers who are selfless and it's one of the nicest things going. The food is good and tasty."


"Meals on Wheels means I can have a hot meal every day because I can't cook for myself. It means a lot to me, and it's been a life saver."


"It helps me to get nourishment and I can't say enough about them. Without it, I wouldn't be fixing or eating any vegetables."


A History of Service

The Older Americans Act

The Older Americans Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 14, 1965, as a response to concerns about the lack of social services for older adults in the United States. It was the first federal initiative aimed at providing comprehensive services for older Americans, including nutrition, health, and supportive services. This legislation paved the way for programs like Meal on Wheels. 


First Meals Served

Golden Age Nutrition began serving neighbors on March 12, 1973. The first meals were served to ten guests in the basement of the First Methodist Church.


Move to YMCA

After approximately one year in the basement of the First Methodist Church, the nutrition program moved to the YMCA in 1974.


Move to Adult Center

Construction of a new Adult Center in Prescott began in November 1977. The building was located at 335 East Aubrey Street. The Golden Age Nutrition Program operated from the lower level of the center. 


Official Name Change


In June of 2000, Golden Age Nutrition's board of directors voted to officially change its name to Prescott Meals on Wheels. 


Move to Rosser Street

The completion of the new Center on Rosser Street in Prescott in 2006 marked a significant milestone for the city, providing a new home for organizations like Prescott Meals on Wheels. This center likely serves as a hub for community services, offering support and resources to residents, especially those in need. It's a testament to the city's commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens by providing essential services and infrastructure.

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