Numbers Make Me Cross-Eyed

For those of you who go a little cross-eyed when you look at a page full of numbers, this post is probably not for you. For those who like to geek out on numbers, we’ve got you covered.

We at Prescott Meals on Wheels have been tracking our numbers closely for some time now. The numbers don’t lie; they tell a story. The most recent story the numbers tell us is that we are again approaching unprecedented territory with record demand for our services. Yet, we stand strong, ready to face these challenges with the same tenacious determination and resilience that has defined us, inspiring us to continue our mission.

Thanks to the unwavering support of our community, in May 2024, we successfully delivered 9,503 meals to our neighbors in Prescott Valley and Prescott. This is a significant milestone. It’s right up there with our highest number of meals delivered which was a year ago in June of 2023. We were not ready to meet the demands a year ago and had to tap the brakes, creating a temporary waitlist while improving the efficiency of our processes. Since then, we have implemented new technologies that completely transformed our workflows, allowing us never to put a neighbor on a waitlist. This incredible achievement is a direct result of the tremendous financial support of neighbors helping neighbors. We are deeply grateful for your contributions. Together, we delivered!

As promised, here are some more numbers to nerd out with.

Total Home Delivery Neighbors Served:
May 2023 – 371
May 2024 – 392

Total Home Delivery and Dining Meals Served:
May 2023 – 9,461
May 2024 – 9,503

Prescott Neighbors Served:
May 2023 – 208
May 2024 – 236

Prescott Valley Neighbors Served:
May 2023 – 163
May 2024 – 156

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